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Businesses Trademarked As a leading digital trademark filing services provider, we have effectively trademarked 1 million businesses.


Businesses Consulted  More than 150000 businesses have reached out to our experts for consultation.


Success Ratio  Our pride, our success ratio! We have a 92% success ratio in the industry.


Copyright Registrations Imperial Trademark has delivered over 500000 copyright registrations with good reviews!


Strengthen The Existence Of Your Brand

The content creation feature permits the brand owners to create and modify the description of their products to attract maximum potential buyers. It gives you a liability to communicate diversely through your brand and products. You can also add images to intensify your products.

Sponsored Brands

Nurture the existence of your brand by running advertisements incorporating your logo with a sprinkle of catchy taglines.

Amazon Stores

Get a chance to own a multi-page store that is too free of cost to market your brand on a large scale.

Amazon Brand Stats

Track and report suspicious infringements by utilizing our effective search tools with easy, guided method.

Amazon Brand Analytics

Make maximum use of the powerful information to make analytical decisions. Gather more and detailed information about your clients, cash-flows, and incorporating customer behaviour data reports.


Brand Protection

Our experts know how to apply for trademark/copyrights that secures the brand completely.

Precise Entries

It is crucial to managing your product list accurately to deliver correct information to your customers.

Pre-emptive Brand Protection

To protect your brand and efficiently remove any suspected infringement or invalid content, our automated protections use information related to your brand.

In order to ensure the safety of your brand, try your best to remove any kind of infringement or irrelevant content. Apply measure that contributes in the promotion and protection of your brand

Utilize our effective search tools with a stress-free, guided method to keep a track record of the suspicious infringements you observe regarding your brand.

Amazon Brand Analytics

Track and report suspicious infringements by utilizing our effective search tools with easy, guided method.

Amazon Brand Analytics

Make maximum use of the powerful information to make analytical decisions. Gather more and detailed information about your clients, cash-flows, and incorporating customer behaviour data reports.


Successfully Secured Numerous Brands

We have successfully protected the brand names of numerous business entities nationally and internationally. Our primary focus has always been on consistent enhancements in our skills and services.


Several suspicious accounts, almost more than 6 billion bad listings have been reported and blocked before they get promoted in the corporate market.


After the Amazon brand registry service, on average, brands are finding and reporting 99% fewer suspected violations.


Our team is available 24/7, around the clock to cater and respond to our valued customers and deal with potential infringement complaints.

Read our Progress Report to learn more about the work we are doing to protect brands and customers.


Amazon Brand Registry Packages


Starting at$99

  • Amazon Brand Case Review
  • Amazon Brand Case Filing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Starting at$199

  • Amazon Brand Case Review
  • Amazon Brand Case Preparation
  • Amazon Brand Case Filing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Refusal Risk Meter
  • Amazon Brand Case Monitoring
  • Complete Documentation
  • Digital File
  • Dedicated Case Manager
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Positives of Amazon Brand Registration

Prevent Competitor Brands From Stealing Your Product Listings

If you register your brand on Amazon, your rivals won't be able to steal any of your product listings. Our team of experts will track down any unauthorized attempts to steal your listings and immediately notify Amazon about them. They won't profit in any way, not even financially, from your listings.

With The Advance Amazon Features Exponentially Increase Sales

Reporting, search and management are among the spectrum of tools available to Amazon registered brands. You can increase sales for your company once you have successfully registered your Amazon brand. We promise to make the Amazon registry procedure quick and simple for all of our clients.

Accessibility Advertising Resources and Models

Amazon registered brands have availability to all advertising resources and models. This will give you the edge by being listed in the Amazon search results which can increase your chance of conversion by 200%.

Enhance Amazon Brand Store Performance

Despite being a premium service, registered brands can use Amazon's multi-page store without paying anything. It will be less difficult for you to design more organized and appealing stores. For improved outcomes, each of them will have its own brand analytics and insights.

Accessibility to Brand Sponsorship

To reach a wider audience and increase brand recognition, registered brands are permitted to utilize their logo, headlines, and three product images.

New Seller Incentives on Amazon

To encourage the promotion of registered brands, Amazon offers a variety of awards, bonuses, and price breaks on advertising and other expenses. Once your Amazon brand Registry is complete, you may use these savings to reduce your spending.

Eligibility Criteria:

Only Text or Text plus Image based Trademarks (Only Image Based Trademarks are not Acceptable)

Amazon brand registry requirements:

  • You should have Your trademark registered in the country you want to enroll in. – e.g. If Your Trademark is based in Canada, then it should be registered with the CIPO.

If You are Eligible, We Might Need the Following for Applying:

  • Brand Name of the Functioning Trademark
  • Serial Number of the Functioning Trademark
  • Product Categories of the Trademark
  • List of Countries where the Trademark is Registered


Emilia Smith

I hired Imperial Trademark multiple times for trademark registration of my brands. I must say, the service quality and communication deserve appreciation. Always quick to respond and take care of the complete process from start till the end at an amazing price.

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I called them for their free consultation and I totally admire their honest and genuine feedback on my trademark related issues. They are very knowledgeable, courteous and seemed extremely professional. I will be using Imperial Trademark in the future. Thanks again!

Hailey Robert

Imperial Trademark has experienced professionals under their belt and I recommend their services. They are fast, reliable, and make everything effortless with their professionalism.


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